anorexia – causes and symptoms

Understanding anorexia – causes and symptoms

Anorexia is a potentially life-threatening eating disorder caused by a self-starvation and excessive weight loss. This is a pretty common condition that millions of people around the world are suffering from. The disease is diagnosed when an individual weight at least 15% than his healthy weight. However, extreme cases of weight loss can head to…

What to do when your dog is depressed?

Dogs are sensitive creatures, and they show emotions like humans. Even though we are two entirely different species, we suffer from same illnesses. Have you noticed lately that your dog is out of energy and that his eating and sleeping habits have changed, or he isn’t as interested in the things he used to be…

Can dogs be mentally retarded

Can dogs be mentally retarded?

Dogs are highly intelligent and emotional creatures who quickly adapt to surroundings and human world. If you have a dog, then you shouldn’t doubt his feelings because he can suffer from the effects of those emotions and also experience disorders like anxiety. But, can we consider dogs mentally handicapped? Mentally ill dogs will show the…

Smoking and beat your anxiety

Quit smoking and beat your anxiety

In most cases, smoking can affect your lungs, and you can develop the poor breathing habits. So, if you are trying to quit, you can turn to e-cigarettes which are less harmful. You can buy e-cigarettes in many smoke shops fort lauderdale, and they will cost you less money.