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Data and Surveys – Suicide and Self Harm


NPHS suicide and self harm data briefing published in Health Service Journal

A data briefing on suicide and self harm has been published by the NPHS on behalf of the Wales Centre for Health, a member of the Association of Public Health Observatories.
'Watch on suicide and self harm' builds on work undertaken by the NPHS in 2008 following intense media interest in the deaths of several young people in the Bridgend area of South Wales, and to support the National Action Plan to Reduce Suicide and Self Harm.
It aims to:
  • Describe patterns of suicide and self harm
  • Highlight the anticipated effect of the recession on mental health and well being, self harm and suicide. 
The briefing is available in the Health Service Journal at: 
Further information on this topic is available:

Last updated: 09/01/2014