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The Logo: ‘Weaving the Threads of Mental Health Promotion’

When the All Wales Mental Health Promotion Network Advisory Board began the process of developing the Network logo, members were eager that the image chosen should reflect the complex interaction between the physical, social, cultural, environmental, economic and spiritual factors that affect people’s potential for good mental health.
The logo also symbolises the holistic and integrated approach to improving the mental health of the people of Wales being advocated by the Welsh Assembly Government. The coloured waves of the Network logo symbolise each of the interrelated ‘threads’ and the ways in which they can fluctuate over time. It is by seeking to address risk and protective factors within and between threads that the mental health and well-being of the population can be successfully improved.

Booth A & Burford A (1999), “Weaving the Threads of Mental Health Promotion in South Australia, International Journal of Mental Health Promotion, Vol 1 Issue 1

Last updated: 04/02/2011