Staying fit against all odds

As we know, by years we are getting more prone to obesity. I remember the time when I was younger, no matter what kind of life I was living, my body managed to stay slim at least. But, as I got older, due to my bad habits, in a short period of time I was…

HCG Drops you should buy

The market for weight-loss products is vast, and you can see various types of products and services aimed at people who want to lose weight. HCG Drops belong to one of a bit more controversial types of weight loss as they are chemically manufactured products. This, however, shouldn’t be an obstacle on your way to losing weight in a short period.

anorexia – causes and symptoms

Understanding anorexia – causes and symptoms

Anorexia is a potentially life-threatening eating disorder caused by a self-starvation and excessive weight loss. This is a pretty common condition that millions of people around the world are suffering from. The disease is diagnosed when an individual weight at least 15% than his healthy weight. However, extreme cases of weight loss can head to…