Over the years the mental health of people has decreased significantly. Individuals are struggling on a daily basis to overcome many challenges, and this situation has taken the troll on their psychological health. This is an essential goal of our organization, to help people fight their health problems and to be open about them. We are aware that many patients are ashamed of their condition, but we want to change that. With us, you will always find support and talk about any problems you may encounter in the future.

Even though our organization is based in the U.S., we don’t only operate on the American ground, but also in many foreign countries. We have become part of a major project which involves entire nations. The Networks works with many prominent universities, organizations, and governments worldwide and our goal is to point out the importance of decreasing mental health within one population or region.

The Network is one of the American Assembly Government’s flagship initiatives to help improve the mental health of the population. The Advisory Board and Network Co-Ordinator are dedicated to building a network that will have a powerful and positive impact on the mental health of the individuals and their communities.

Promoting mental health requires a collaborative approach from a diverse range of partners and stakeholders. The Network is committed to engaging with all relevant organizations and individuals, and recognizes that its members have a vital role to play in the development and future success of this goal.

The Network embraces its all-nations brief and is committed to engaging with organizations, networks and individuals to contribute to the improvement of mental health and wellbeing for the people.

A great deal of work is already underway across the country and the Network will provide a vehicle to promote and share this with a wider audience. Future conferences and events will be held across the globe and we look forward to linking up with those who share our commitment to promoting good mental health and wellbeing.

Mental Health Promotion network has adopted the principle that in the conduct of business in America, it will treat the Americans and people of other languages on an equitable basis. Therefore, the website, newsletter and conferences are fully bilingual.

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